An Individualized Approach to Independent Living


Different By Design

A motivational approach based on

current research and best practices.


Our Guiding Values & Principles


 Belief in the value of every individual

We feel that it is a privilege and an honor to get to know each student - their story, hopes, and dreams - and to help guide them on their personal journey.

 Keeping it real

Learning is best integrated into lasting change when it takes place in real-time and in real-life situations.

 Emphasis on building strengths and finding solutions 

Short-comings and deficits are a normal part of being human. While they shouldn't be ignored, overly focusing on problems rarely inspires better outcomes. 

◦ Respecting autonomy and choice

Having choices helps to build internal motivation for lasting growth and change. We strive to keep the young adult in the driver seat of their own life while offering necessary support until they feel confident in their own ability to navigate independence.

 An ongoing quest for improvement

Success is a lifelong process of learning and making adjustments, not a final destination. This principle applies not just to our students but to each staff and to our organization as a whole.  At New Perspectives, we prioritize allocating time and resources to incorporate new research and best practices.

Clinical Coaching Support For...


A Clinically Informed Life Coaching Model to Encourage Growth and Balance 


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