Merrick Newbury

Merrick has been part of New Perspectives for several years now. He graduated high school in California and is currently attending UVU where he is pursuing a major in University Studies. Merrick's favorite part of his work with New Perspectives is the relationships he is able to build. As both a student and a mentor, Merrick has a unique insight and understanding for the life of the New Perspective student and he shares this bond with the students he works with. Merrick enjoys engaging deep conversation with other students to share thoughts, feelings and ideas as well as to help guide them in areas where they might be struggling. Merrick offers friendship and a sense of relatability as he helps to assist others. Merrick enjoys playing D&D as well as hosting game nights with our students. His hobbies include video games, rock climbing, painting, cooking, playing piano and singing. 


New Perspectives Young Adults