Travis Templin

Travis received the nickname "Cobbler" from a colleague in Utah, after working as a shoe maker in Nashville, TN. As the story goes, Travis was working as a wilderness guide in Utah when his colleague's shoe broke. Travis volunteered to fix their shoe, to which the colleague responded, "What, are you a Cobbler or something?" And the rest is history.


Cobbler carries an endless supply of creativity in his professional line of work. When I think of Cobbler, the following saying comes to mind: "It sounds so crazy, it might just work". Cobbler created a legend for himself running the Vantage Point group at Aspiro Wilderness Therapy Program. He specializes in working with youth and young adults on the Autism spectrum. He has a knack for holding strong boundaries while providing unconditional love and support. He attended West Virginia Wesleyan College and competed in bike racing at a collegiate level. He is a strong rock climber and an avid fly fisherman. 


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