Kimberlee Byers

Kim is close to earning her bachelor's degree in Behavioral Science with a concentration in family studies and a minor in psychology. As our lead peer mentor, Kim assists our students in maneuvering their daily lives by helping them to gain experience and wisdom about what it means to live independently. "I live with students and hopefully I am more than just a role model to them, I am a friend." Part of Kim's job entails being an example of living a “normal life” or a well-balanced, productive life. It means showing those whom she lives with how to do basic household responsibilities, showing them what it is like to live with a roommate, ways to communicate needs and at times what it means to push through things when it seems too hard. Through this role, Kim is able to encourage students to stretch out of their comfort zone to do things they found hard and to be there when they felt they were in crisis mode. "While working at New Perspectives I have come to see people as individuals with their own unique process, communication style and personal obstacles. I enjoy helping the students with meal planning, painting classes, tutoring in different subjects".


New Perspectives Young Adults