Providing Skills Neurodiverse Young Adults

Seek in Their Quest For Independence

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New Perspectives is a highly recognized and effective community based program supporting neurodiverse young adults in their goals of integrating into a life of independence. 

We incorporate a customized and individual coaching approach through personalized and socialized engagement for each client. 

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Belief in the value

of every individual

> Belief in the value of every individual

> Keeping it real

> Emphasis on building strengths and finding Solutions 

> Respecting autonomy and choice

> An ongoing quest for improvement

I had overwhelming anxiety and OCD. I could not leave the house and was so worried about getting allergic reactions. The staff has helped me completely cope. I am back in school which I thought I could never do. A mentor guided me and is there when you need them. I also have the independence I need to grow. I am so grateful for such a wonderful program.

- Marisa

I needed a transition program to become self-sufficient. The people were so nice and helpful. I now am  productive and have direction. I am now able to go to technical school. Since the staff has been  supportive and helpful, I am in a much better place than where I was. This program is the only one that has helped and respected me after trying several.

- Jake

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